Benefits of Nanny Care (vs. Daycare)

Want to hire a nanny, babysitter or au pair?  Evaluating your childcare options?  Consider the many benefits of nanny care vs. daycare.

A nanny can give your child one-on-one attention that a daycare center just cannot provide.  One-on-one attention from a dedicated nanny can accelerate your child’s development.

A nanny can spare your family from the stresses of daycare – from increased exposure to colds and flu, to the rush of the morning and evening “shuttle.”

A nanny can help establish your home as the center of your child’s life and allows you child to enjoy the full benefits of your community – including parks, libraries, schools and neighborhood friends.

Nanny care is flexible; your childcare schedule can be customized to fit your unique work/lifestyle.  When working from home is an option, nanny care makes it a workable and enjoyable alternative.

A good nanny will soon become a trusted and valued member of your household, helping to make even the most hectic of lives run more smoothly.

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