How to Choose a Local Nanny Service

If you need to find a nanny or babysitter, a local nanny service can help.  When choosing a local nanny service, consider the following:

Customer Service:  A good nanny service is responsive to the families it serves.  Place calls to several nanny agencies that serve your area.  Does a person answer the phone or are calls forwarded to voicemail?  Are phone messages and emails responded to promptly?  Do agency representatives welcome your call and seem knowledgeable?   Do they answer your questions and address your concerns?    

Location:  Nanny services with an office close to your home are the most likely to have a wide selection of nanny candidates who live nearby.  An out-of-town agency may advertise and interview in your area, but its pool of local nanny candidates will not be as deep or as qualified as an agency with a true local presence.   

Internet Presence:  Almost all nanny candidates search for nanny jobs on the internet, especially the most educated and experienced candidates.  A nanny agency with a strong internet presence will attract more qualified nanny candidates.  Does a local nanny agency have a professional website?  Does the agency accept nanny applications online?  Does it advertise its positions on the internet?

Fees and Charges:  Price matters.  When choosing a local nanny service, compare the level and structure of its fees.  Does the agency charge an application fee?  A placement fee?  How do the agency’s fees compare to those of its competitors?  What type of guarantee does the agency provide?  Does the agency’s fee include a third party background check?

Experience and Reputation:  How long has the agency been in business?  How many nannies has the agency placed?  Has the agency placed any nannies recently in your town?  What type of nanny does the agency specialize in: live-in, live-out, full-time, part-time?  How does the agency recruit and screen its nannies?  Is the agency a member of the International Nanny Association?  The Better Business Bureau?  Can the agency provide current, local references?  Be sure to ask friends and acquaintances about their experiences–good and bad–with local nanny agencies.

To find a local nanny service near your home, visit our directory of Local Nanny Services.

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