How to Choose an Online Nanny Service

An online nanny service can help you find a qualified and reliable nanny or babysitter. There are different types of online nanny services that vary in terms of the level of service provided and fees charged.

Type of Nanny Service

Nanny Job Boards: The most basic type of online nanny service is a nanny job board which charges a fee to advertise available nanny positions for a period of time.  For example, The Nanny Job Board on Nanny Services Guide charges $10 to post a nanny job for 30 days.

Online Nanny Services: Other online nanny services (like and Sittercity) offer more extensive services.  These online nanny services allow families to post a nanny job description and search nanny profiles including the nanny’s photograph, age, town of residence and qualifications. In addition to nanny and babysitter positions, many online nanny services also offer tutoring, housekeeping, pet sitting and senior care.  Membership fees at these online nanny services range from $25 to more than $100 per month.

Cost & Other Factors

Costs of Online Nanny Services: Cost is a key factor when choosing an online nanny service.  In comparing costs of online nanny services, consider any upfront or monthly membership fees and the specific terms of membership. Does membership include a “free” background check? Does it include a full background check or just a preliminary search? Also compare the costs of different online nanny services in the event that it takes more than one month to find a nanny.  Finally, check if the online nanny service provides any type of guarantee or a refund if you do not find a nanny or if your nanny quits after a short time.

Most Nanny Candidates: An online nanny service provides value only if it helps you find a qualified and reliable nanny or babysitter.  A key factor in choosing an online nanny service is which service is the most likely to help you find the best nanny or babysitter. It pays to visit more than one online nanny service to see which site has the most qualified nanny candidates in your local area.

For more information on choosing an online nanny service, see our list of the Best Online Nanny Services.

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