How to Find a Nanny

Learn how to find a nanny with these nanny search tips from Nanny Services Guide.

1. Start your nanny search early

It typically takes 4-6 weeks to find a nanny, so start your nanny search early and move quickly to recruit qualified nanny candidates.

2. Meet as many nanny candidates as possible

Some nanny candidates may be qualified, but might not “click” with your family.  Meet as many nanny candidates as possible to improve your chances of finding a nanny who really fits your family.

3. Pursue all of your nanny search options

You never know how or where you will find the perfect nanny.  Pursue all of your nanny search options and follow up on every lead.

4. Write a nanny job description

Write a nanny job description that includes your nanny job’s salary, work hours, responsibilities and qualifications required.  Make sure you understand the basics of nanny tax and household employment requirements.

5. Join an online nanny service

Join an online nanny service like or Membership in an online nanny service is an inexpensive and effective way to find a nanny.  To compare fees and services of the leading online nanny services, see our reviews of the Best Online Nanny Services.

6. Hire a local nanny placement agency

Hire a local nanny placement agency to conduct your nanny search.    Local nanny agencies will charge a placement fee if you hire a nanny they refer, but agencies are worth using if you need to hire a nanny within a set time frame or if you do not have the time to conduct your own nanny search.

7. Advertise your nanny job in local newspapers

Advertise your nanny job in the classified ads of your local community newspaper.  With any advertising, use a cell phone number or email account  for nanny candidates to contact you; do not provide your last name or home phone number.

8. Recruit local nanny candidates

Post a “Nanny Job” flier at the children’s library, community parks and playgrounds, the neighborhood pool and local preschools and toddler programs.  Local colleges can also be a great source of candidates.

9. Tell everyone that you plan to hire a nanny

Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a nanny.  This should include friends, neighbors, relatives, colleagues and anyone else you can think of.  With a little luck and some targeted networking, you could save time and money by finding a great nanny through word-of-mouth.

10. Screen your nanny thoroughly

Before hiring any candidate, screen your nanny thoroughly by personally checking references and commissioning a background check that includes a search of criminal and motor vehicle records and a credit check.

It takes time, patience and a little luck to find the perfect nanny.  To ensure success, start early and pursue all options in order to meet as many nanny candidates as possible.  Your efforts will be rewarded when you find the right nanny for your family.

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    Hi, this is Stacy. I’m a member of’s Mom Force—a team of work-at-home moms that helps with safety and customer service. I may be biased but as a mom I think is an amazing resource for finding care providers. The site offers free background checks, uses the Mom Force to review all care providers and job posts before we post them online, and gives you access to recorded references and reviews to help you decide who to hire. They also have exclusive members-only features like Care-on-Call (for last-minute care), Care Exchange (to meet families who want to exchange babysitting and pet sitting services). Plus an amazing selection so you’ll be able to find a match that’s right for you and your family. Good Luck in your search.

  2. At Opti-Mum (in Canada) we also offer similar services for finding and vetting nannies. It is definitely possible for parents to choose a good nanny, but as Stacy says in the post above, it is good for them to get a bit of guidance.

  3. Yossi Pinkas says:

    Screen your nanny thoroughly

    A new and unique service is now available – online personality and risk assessments of Nannies, Au Pairs and Babysitters.

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