Nanny Reference Questions

A list of nanny reference questions is useful when checking the references of a nanny candidate.  Following is a list of nanny reference questions to ask families who previously employed the nanny:

  • When did the nanny care for your children?
  • What type of care did the nanny provide? (live-in? full-time? part-time? occasional?)
  • Was care provided by the nanny alone or with a stay-at-home parent?
  • What was the nanny’s rate of pay?
  • What were the nanny’s work hours?
  • How many children were under the nanny’s care?  What were their ages?
  • What were the nanny’s responsibilities and daily activities?
  • How did the nanny relate to your children? (Do they remember her, talk about her, keep in touch?)
  • How did the nanny relate to adults? (You, neighbors, family, friends?)
  • Assess the nanny’s ability to help teach a child.  (At what age or grade level might she have difficulty?)
  • How did the nanny handle your child’s illnesses? (Did she administer medication, take the child for doctor’s visits?)
  • Can the nanny handle emergency situations?
  • Were there any injuries to your children under the nanny’s care?
  • Is the nanny neat around the house?
  • Did the nanny do any housekeeping?
  • Is the nanny an honest person?
  • Does the nanny smoke?
  • Does the nanny drink?
  • Have you met any of the nanny’s friends or family? Do they seem like good people?
  • Is the nanny a patient person?
  • How did the nanny handle behavior problems?
  • Did the nanny have any problems with lateness or absences?
  • Did the nanny have any health or other problems that might affect her work as a nanny?
  • How did the nanny spend any downtime at your home?
  • Is the nanny a good and safe driver?
  • Is the nanny committed to being a nanny?  Does the nanny have alternative career plans?
  • Why did the nanny leave your employ?
  • If circumstances were different, would you hire the nanny again?
  • What are the nanny’s strengths?
  • What are the nanny’s weaknesses?
  • Is there anything else you can tell me about the nanny that I may not have asked?

Most families that employ nannies have busy lives and may not have a lot of time to spend on the phone, but do not hesitate to ask a lot of questions.  Past employers of really good nannies are usually happy to provide very positive references with a lot of anecdotal detail.

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  1. Before you begin checking references, consider jotting down questions that relate to specific duties or responsibilities you would be asking your nanny to do.

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